Okay, we admit it. This is a hobby gone WAY out of control.  Who knew when John first bought a welder for Heather's birthday, that it would develop into this?  Who knew the countless hours that would result in this rather eclectic, very diverse collection of work.

And it is true, hard to believe but we really, really do make all this stuff.

Styll Gallery Update
If you are in our local area, you may have been to our retail gallery Styll, located in Elora, ON.  The building we occupied was sold, so as of the end of Feb 2018, we have moved on.....online for now, as we look for a suitable new location.  Details about Styll can be found at www.styll.com or you can shop for items by the amazing artists we represent right here on our website. 

At Metallic Evolution, we sell through stores and galleries across North America.  Please contact us to ask about a location close to you!